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Translation Services in UAE

The UAE is a diverse country, and this is reflected in the number of languages spoken here. The official language is Arabic, and almost everyone speaks English. However, you will also hear Urdu – the official language of Pakistan, Hindi – one of the official languages of India, Tagalog spoke by the Filipinos as well as various other languages.

For a Public Relations practitioner, this means that professional and high-quality PR translation and localization is one of the most important steps in the entire PR campaign. No matter how good the original content, if it is not communicated in the right language to the right audience or comes across as incoherent or worse – offensive – it could be nothing short of a communications disaster.

Businesses can benefit immensely by investing in professional translation services. A few examples as follows:

At Sherpa, the team of professional translators can translate your press release and other content into different languages, making sure that the vocabulary is consistent and relevant to your audience.

If you are a business looking for assistance with the translation services of your communications materials, get in touch with us today.

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